Things to Do in Malta When You’re Not Playing Poker

About this time of year, the weather in most of Europe takes a turn for the worse. The rains come, the chilly winds set in and hundreds of millions of people across the continent sadly pack their summer clothes away and settle in for several months of awful weather. But this is not most of Europe, this is Malta, the Duracell bunny of the EU, where summer goes on at least 25% longer than in most other countries. A great location for Party Poker MILLIONS, where players can combine relaxing in the balmy weather of Malta’s late summer with 11 days of hotly contested poker tournaments and 24/7 cash games.

Malta hosts many poker events throughout the year, but there’s also a lot to discover outside the casino on this bustling Mediterranean island. If you’re here for a few days and are wondering what to do on some of the days before the poker starts, there’s plenty of options. Here are just a few ideas for what do and see.

Fun and Games in the Foyer

If you just want a short break from the tables or something to do during a break in play, we’ve laid on a selection of amusement games in the foyer outside the poker room. These include a fuss ball table, air hockey and a claw machine. This is a very special claw machine, as long as there’s a Party Poker staff member nearby, it’s impossible to lose!


For those looking for an adrenaline rush when not at the poker tables, the Splash & Fun water park is a good option. Summer is almost over in most European countries, but the warm weather persists longer in Malta than anywhere else in the EU. While most water parks on the continent have already shut dow for the season, Malta’s Splash and Fun Water Park remains open until the end of October. Where you can hurtle yourself at breakneck speed down the numerous slides and flumes. There’s also a wave pool, a lazy river and various pools to relax in. The park is in Bahar-Ic-Caghaq (pronounced Bahar-itch-are) which is just a couple of miles north of St Julians.

Popeye Village

In 1980 Robin Williams starred as the spinach munching, cobpipe smoking hero of the film Popeye. While the movie itself has dated badly, the set it was filmed on still exists to this day, as a tourist attraction, albeit a rather rickety one in places. Still, the Popeye Village is a fun place to visit for a few hours, with water activities in the bay included.

Heritage Sites

Many of Malta’s megalithic temples, ancient burial sites, museums and galleries are operated by Heritage Malta and are open to the public most days. There is usually a charge to enter all of these places, however fortunately for players attending the Party Poker MILLIONS Malta festival, there is a chance to visit them for free! This weekend, on September 30th and October 1st, to celebrate 20 years of operation, Heritage Malta is having an open day and entry to all sites are free to visit (except for the Hypogeum and Underground Valletta). Many of these are well worth visiting. The temple sites of Hagar Qim/Mnajdra and the Tarxian temples are two of the best places to visit ion you want to see prehistoric ruins. Malta’s newest gallery MUZA in Valletta is a good option for art lovers. For details of locations and visiting hours, check out the Heritage Malta website.

Player Party

And when all the poker and sightseeing have made you thirsty, get ready to shake a tail-feather at the Players Party on Sunday 1st at 9pm in club “Twenty-two” located at the top of the tower next to the casino. Twist the night away and enjoy a free bar with a 360-degree view of the island in the most exclusive of Malta’s nightspots.

Jonathan Raab

Party Poker MILLIONS Malta Media Coordinator